I finally managed to get the Easter stuff back into the attic. As I was up there I started looking through things. And I started throwing things away. Thing I would have kept for sure or lets face it, things I kept and never thought about throwing away like zip lock bags that could be reused and all kind of other things. Today, I simply threw them out. They were dusty. They probably made it into the house as packaging but for sure they could be useful some other time. Well. Seems like this other time never came and today they left the house. I filled up a tiny bag of trash. Found more stuff to donate. Once I realized I was churning more and more I simply stopped, gathered my trash and went back downstairs.

It felt good. I parted with stuff, it wasn't hard. I realized when my "throwing away energy" was used up and made sure I woulds not get frustrated and simply stopped. And then I focused on the things achieved in that time and not on feelings of failure for not doing "more" or for not having an organized approach to this.

As you see I have come along way. And I will go even further!

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