I made the boys put away their clothes. They cold me they couldn't put a few items away cause their pyjama drawer was full. Before I knew it I was sorting out summer jammies, others that were too short, one that I hate (and yes I had permission plus they started to fall apart). 2 min later I was done and their drawer was only half full after I finished. I showed they boys and Alex said:"How did you do that Mommy? That's like magic!" Hahaha. I told them that I do magic every day when they are gone and that they come home and destroy it. Oh well. Maybe not the nicest thing to say, but that is really how I felt. In reality it was just math. Take 50 % out. Have room for more. Now, if I could only just give it away and not tell myself it is worth it to keep the stuff for the little ones. I even have a taker. ButI don't know when I would see her again. Oh well. Tomorrow. I'll bag it tomorrow.

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