Monday found me looking for the Halloween stuff. I did not find it. So today I looked around some more. Still nothing. Hard to believe that with everything out of the attic and in 2 rooms in the basement and 1 upstairs it was still not to be found. I was sure that I had put it somewhere accessible as I knew I would need it again soon.

I did come across other stuff, like clothes and books that I dealt with. Sorted out some clothes, sold some books, missed the promo to make 25% more on them by a few hours. Oh well. Spilt milk. 
When I finally gave up I found the pumpkin carving sets that I was looking for sitting on a shelf behind the boxes. I never found the book with the stencils that I was looking for, but the 2 sets had some with them, too.

I might not have accomplished what I set out to do, but instead of making a major mess I dealt with things I came across. Stuff went out the door, wait no, was labeled to get out the door, so I would consider it progress! 

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