As if life hadn't been crazy enough we got hit by the flu. Hard. All 6 kids had it one after the other. At one time all 6 of them were home sick together. It has been 2 weeks. They are on the mend, but 3 of them are still struggling. To keep things entertaining, one of them added an ear infection and needs antibiotics and 2 other kids have been throwing up.

No such thing as a room of the month or organized declutter. Simply day to day survival.

We are almost back to normal. Ella is still too weak to make it to school. She looks like a little ghost fluttering through the house in her nightgown. Her skin color can only be described as ashen.

So no Room Of The Month, no 10 magic minutes, just medicine, thermometers and endless hours of 
holding little ones, who felt too hot to touch.

New week, new luck. 

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