In the car, coming from a family event, I told my husband that this is the first week of failure. I had 5 hours left of the day, family staying over and about 4 hours of work to do to get my 2/day in.

Why did I fail? It felt like this really should have been the easiest weeks of all. I guess it could have been. If only I had worked. But I didn't.

I felt sad and down. But you know what? I worked this week. I worked hard. I threw a costume party for my daughter and her friends, I had a girl over with her kids who is new in town and looking for friends, I got my son to therapy and school, I cooked, I baked a million cakes, organized and held our family event, and on top of it all I translated 11 pages of medical records and sure enough, plenty ofthings in there that where no and I had to do research.
I also had some serious timer issues. Half of the time I thought I turned it on it didn't work. I also had issues keeping track. As I am hard on myself, I of course only counted the times I was 100% sure I worked.

So, Tonight when we came home I started working wanting to some how perform a miracle and make it happen. 40 min later I decided it was not worth it. 

On top of all the things I did last week I had the kids clean up like crazy. The sorted, they tossed, the put away, they vacuumed and mopped, the scrubbed and cleaned. I got more than 4 hours of work out of them. I had them clean while I was baking, I had them bake for me while I was cleaning.

So what if I can't account for 12 working hours today. So what if I am somewhere between 1 and 3,5 hours short of my goal. I worked and I worked hard. My stress levels were through the roof and I still pulled it off. One of the many lessons I need to learn is to know when to let go. Today was one of these moments. It was time to let go and sit down and chat with family. 

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