2 days ago I bought 4 shower towels. 2 solid magenta, 2 magenta with stripes in a pinkish color. I washed them, dried them and one was frayed when I got it out of the dryer. so today I went back to return it. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! They only had solid ones left. As it was a special the only way to get another striped one would have been trying a different store. So there was my dilemma. Stick with 2 solids and 1 striped and deal with the fact that I only have 3 towels instead of 4 or go for 3 solids and 1 striped so at least the number of towels in the cupboard is correct.

ISSUES! Can you smell them? Seriously. what does it matter if the number of the towels is four or if there are as many solid as stripped ones. It doesn't matter AT ALL. I decided to settle for correct number. Having only 3 was NOT an option! 

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