May you never be separated from you Mommy again. Save travels Jonah! May you make it to Niniveh safely. Good by little Mouse! May your world stay fun and full of colors. 

The little one has managed to destroy 3 flip the flap books in less then a day. And when I say destroyed I mean destroyed. Each flap is torn off and with it usually half of the page. I was especially sad about the first one. The one in which the tiger cub is looking for his Mommy. He did some prep-work the days before and I found flaps in the recycling trash that his "I-will-toss-anything-that-crosses-my-path"-brother already put there that I saved. When I found more flaps I said to JAmes:"I guess I should just toss the book." He agreed but I didn't do anything. I saw the book in the trash the next morning. I was crying out to me all week until I took it to the outside bin the night before pick up. I was this close to taking it out to at least take a farewell picture. 

Tiger Cub, Jonah and the little Color Mouse are gone. Sigh. I wish this wouldn't bother me so much. At least I let them go. That's a lot more than I would have been able to do just a year ago!

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