Since I started therapy I am learning to accept what I can and what I can not handle at a certain time. I have noticed that I can focus on one aspect of my life at any given time, on really good days I can balance 2. If I try to juggle 3 none of them gets taken care of properly and I fail in all of them.

It is sometimes hard to accept it, as years and years ago I considered myself an awesome multi tasker. IT is also liberating in some ways. These days I give myself permission to focus on one aspect of life and to let the others slide. Like not expecting myself to do any household chores on Tuesday which has a minimum of 5 hours of back to back appointments. I still do household chores when I get around to it, they are just considered bonus. I actually get more work done this way as the pressure is off.

A lot of my weeks are so full that my main focus has to be appointments, just to have everything ready and to be to where ever I have to be on time, with the right people in tow.

Next week promises to be relatively slow, so my focus will be on getting the house back in shape. It is desperately needed. Wish me luck!

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