Besides being the queen of chaos, I am also the queen of avoidance, postponing and procrastinating. There is one area of work surface in my kitchen that always gets cluttered. And there is usually some fruit or vegetable amidst all of that crap tying a slow death and secretly rotting away. I would like to claim I am not a filthy hoarder, but lets face it. If I came across that corner in somebody else's kitchen I would be revolted.

Are you aware how much energy undone tasks suck out of you? I am finally learning to see that. So today I sucked it up and did it. First I thought this will take less time then I thought, I figured I might have it done in 15 min, I ended up spending more like 40 min. 

I threw away dry bread that I meant to turn into bread crumbs for week, I found rotting vegetables still in their packages and came across all kind of random things that should have never been in the kitchen in the first place. 

And lo and behold. 2 days after Easter I already washed and put the last Christmas cookie tins away.

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