If you are anything like me, you LOVE before-after pictures. It is so fun to see progress. So inspiring what people have accomplished. If you are excited about the after pic. OOPS! This is the after pic! This is my drawer by the front door. The things it should contain is stuff I  need every day and that I need for just a second. Like my wallet and keys, scotch tape and glue, scissors, a pen. You get the idea. Lately it has become more of hiding spot for all the little things I didn't know how to or didn't want to deal with. I knew it would take forever to get it done and I was worried about all the things I would be left to deal with.

So when I got started on this I reminded myself of the following important things:

  • Most important is to get started
  • 5 min can make a difference
  • Don't worry about finishing
  • Forget perfect
  • The perfect time to do it won't come

So I started clearing out my little drawer that when organized as I want it is super helpful and super efficient. At the moment is was just super full and even my wallet can disappear in it completely. Obviously it is far from perfect. I only worked a couple of minutes on it every time, but I did return to it repeatedly. I only dealt with things that were easy, picked out trash and put things away that have a home. I can now close it without having to shove things around to keep it all leveled! 

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