4 Baskets. 4 horrific baskets. I moved them from the girls' room to the boys room. I told them 1 day. 4 days later they are still there. Yes. I am dealing with them. But I am far from done. I am halfway through the first. Most of it ist stuff that actually needs to be dealt with. And every item that I can simply toss I have to earn. Puzzle pieces, Barbie shoes, pens. Legos. LEGOS. Always Legos. The boys gave me permission to keep the baskets there for a little bit longer. I know if I move those baskets back into the girls room they will tear them apart and stuff will be everywhere. AGAIN! I don't think that I can handle that at the moment. 

I have made progress. I really have. And it was easier than expected. One day at a time. 

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