FYI: The room of the month is the downstairs bathroom and I got it done LAST WEEK! Yes. Last week. Seriously. I washed the tiles and got rid of the hard water deposits on the faucet by soaking it in vinegar. So there. Good enough. Trust me. The cabinets are organized and I will not burden myself with taking them apart just for protocol.

My house fairy and I also spent almost 30 min in the girls' room just picking up stuff that was lying around, throwing it into baskets. Can you believe it? No sorting, just pick up and toss it in a basket. Okay, so maybe I sorted a tiny bit, but almost nothing. We didn't even manage to vacuum in those 30 min, Just pick stuff off the floor and then I sent her off before we were done so she could catch her bus. 

Now I am left with 4 baskets to pick through and a table with a 15 in layer of stuff on it to go through. Oh and never mind the book shelf. But let us not look into a bleak future up a steep rocky path ending in the clouds making me think I can never reach the top. Lets look back and enjoy the view of the now empty floor. I can do this. Yes, yes, I can.

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