1 day left and nothing achieved. This month was completely crazy. Way too much going on. Emotionally and physically. And one thing more time consuming then the next. Even this post. I started it 3 days ago and never made it past the first 3 sentences.

It felt like no matter what I did, even if I crossed things of my list  it just led to more work. Like cooking. Cross of cocking, add cleaning to the kitchen to the list and so on. Cross of phone call. Add going downtown for the stupid appointment. So when I crossed of label Ballett shoes just to realize I put the wrong name in I had it. I was wondering how on earth I could get the sharpie off without doing to much damage. Then I decided to play this smart. I activated my PR department. Told Marie that I labeled her shoes "Ella" laughed and said:"Should we just add a smiley face so you know they are yours?" She agreed and that was that.

On a brighter note. Tomorrow my cleaning fairy will come for the first time. I am a little nervous. I have never paid someone to clean my house before. Okay. Not quite true. Heather's daughter was here before. But paying a 15 year old feels a little different than hiring a cleaning lady. We have agreed on 2 times a week for 3 hours each. I think I will be able to entertain her for a while. It looks like all my translating money will go to it, but hey, Who cares. She is happy to have a job. My house will be clean and I am already plotting about getting more translations so I can make more money. It's all good in the long run!

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