This one was simple.

STOP sorting

START discarding

I have spent so many years managing stuff. Toys and clothes is my nemesis. I  CAN'T for the life of me throw away a single sock unless I know it's better half is history. I have started to throw away pieces of games that no one ever plays and that only get thrown around and left for me to pick back up. You will not believe how hard it is for me. The upside? When I come across more pieces it is really easy. Because I know the game is a goner. All of these pieces can be tossed as other parts of the game have been binned earlier.

I have regretted it sometimes. Like with this cute little memory. But once we had tossed the broken box for it, it was basically impossible to keep the pieces together. I tried. Hopeless case. I am sad when I come across cards for it. As I am writing this, I realize why. It was one of the first games we got Alex. And I remember sitting on the floor with him trying to play it with him. He always just wanted to take the plane, the car, the train and I was trying to help him understand he needed two. So, it's not really about the game. I think I will give myself permission to keep one card and put it in his scrapbook

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