What a nightmare that room is! January will haunt me for the rest of the year if this is not resolved soon. I made the boys work on their room to keep up appearances. And I just worked in the girls' room for an hour keeping them working without seeing much progress. Yes, I see progress, but if we keep going at this rate this room will at least 4 full hours of work with the 3 of us. And that is assuming that they won't play in it or toss clothes around. That'S also assuming their little brother will stay out of it. Fat chance, I know. We already spilled the same game box 3 times. I am ready to just toss the game if it weren't for the fact that Ella bought it with her own money just 6 weeks ago. Not even my husband's approach to cleaning seems to help in their. He just takes a broom swipes everything into one big pile and then picks out the keepers. But if you first have to clear enough floor space to even start sweeping you know you are doomed. 

On the upside. I am finally catching up with laundry it seems. The hampers might be pretty full, but none of them is full enough to justify starting one load. Only one load to fold and about 3 or 4 to put away. If I stick with it, I can get it done today.

Editors note: I didn't. I was too busy having fun with the kids!

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