I have officially reached my limit. I might survive from day to day, but only barely. James and I sat down and talked about it. We decided to hire a cleaning lady. The money I make translating should be enough to cover it. A friend of mine once said:"I'd rather pay everything I earn to my cleaning lady. I'd rather not clean which I hate and do something I enjoy doing." And then she added:"And on top of it all I can feel good providing employment!" She is SO RIGHT! I am a little scared. And embarrassed. I really don't want anyone to see my house:"as is".

I wish I could make sense. I wish I could say what I feel. I wish life wasn't so confusing sometimes. I wish I could just be happy being who I am and where I'm at. I wish I could see in myself what others see in me. At least what the people who love me see. Wouldn't that be nice? To see your positive aspects like others see them? I think we would all be happier if that was possible. 

I think I'll go cry a little. That usually makes me feel better, too. 

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