went down the drain when my upset neighbour called me at 7:30 am with an school issue. The rest of the morning was spent calming her down, making a plan and seeing the head master. Somehow in between I managed to cook lunch and run 2 loads of laundry, but only because my first load was in before 7 am. I could once more not call the therapist, because after shoving around the piece of paper with the number for weeks I finally lost it, the day I am ready to make the call.  I skipped eating lunch to run off to a doc appointment with Ella and by the time I was back it was 5 pm and I was exhausted.

I challenged a friend last night who is in a similar emotional place as I am at the moment to see who would go longer without crying today. I cried by 12:45 pm and still won. 

I'll go to bed now. My friend and I have decided to just pretend it is Monday and start over tomorrow morning. 

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