My life feels like I am watching a time lapse movie. Anytime I blink a day is up. I have been crazy busy, rather successful with most things unless you consider household chores and decluttering goals, oops, but I have kept all appointments, had fun with the kids doing things they like and in general am doing better getting the things done that I feel are important. 

Thanks to the cleaning fairy the house is slightly improving. I am stubborn  enough to nto do a single thing she can do at the moment as I think it is key to really keep her busy the 3.5 hours she is here every week and for me to make progress sin other areas. I still need to work on getting enough sleep.

Over all I think things are going so much better than just a few weeks ago. I have also learned to be a little nicer to myself. To acknowledge the things I do and worry less about what is left to do.  

I had a few attempts at blogging but never finished my posts. I do hope to still get them to you in the near future!

Life might not be perfect, but it's good none the less!

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