I should be calling in sick. I really should. I've had sick kids since last week Monday. One of them has been sick, or at least not fully recovery since then. One is back to normal and the 4 oldest are home from school with headaches and fevers. I've had a head ache for days and yesterday I finally surrendered.

Unfortunately I had worked ahead the night before and I figured I better get my 2 hours in. So I decided to finally work on the cabinet full of board games. I can't just put the stuff together. When I do that I have to count every piece and write down what'S  missing. Which lets face it is a ridiculous amount of time spent on nothing.

Now I am sitting on the couch, counting endless stacks of cards and game pieces and am thrilled to finally get this going. The complete games will be upstairs in the living room, the incomplete ones will stay downstairs. I know that there is a ridiculous amount of game pieces flying through the girls' room.

Unfortunately throwing out the games  as long as I think I can find the mission pieces is not how I roll. I guess I could practice doing that. But lets face it. I really don't want to. here is what I will do. The incomplete games will stay downstairs. By the end of the year, after I will have gone through the whole house (yes,y es, I will!) what ever is still not complete will go. 

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