MO 69

THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have had a really rough week. I have sick kids, a million appointments and I am fighting so hard to keep up with my 2 hours a day. Wednesday night I kind of surrendered and carried over 90 min which of course turned into 120 to carry over by Thursday. Today I am facing the impossible task of 4 hours of household chores/declutter. The only reason for me to go on today was my natural stubbornness and the hope that if I work hard I might pay off some of my debt. 

I felt bad for not blogging as blogging keeps me focused. I had logged out of my google account and then it seems I don't know how to get back into my blog. So I keep the "comment notifications" that are usually spam. They are like a backdoor back into my blog. Today I could hardly believe my eyes.
Someone is actually reading my blog. And tells me it helps them to keep fighting their very own battle against their very own hoard.

I am sitting here, crying like a baby and all of a sudden if feels like it is worth it to keep fighting. Thank you for giving me back hope!


  1. Hi,
    That's so kind of you to say that (and immortalise me as a blog post!).
    I can totally relate to the agony of having trouble logging in to online services.
    I suspect you have many followers who quietly take inspiration from your blog.

  2. You TOTALLY deserve a blog post! You saved my day! Judging by my numbers you are my only reader :D Fortunately this blog is not about creating a big group of followers. This blog is about digging myself out of a hoard and helping others get the courage to dig themselves out of theirs!