I like fresh beginnings. If you are like me and simply too hard on yourself, every now and then you need to erase the score of ME vs LIFE and start over. Mondays are always a good day to start over.
Back to school is always a challenge of it's own so I am taking things slowly. I have decided as long as the basic needs are met, life is good. The rest is bonus.

I have put in 12 days of working 2 hours in the house since Christmas. I thought I saw results, but  at the moment I just want to surrender and give up. I have to remind myself that I have done quite  bit of organizing and that takes time.

Tuesday hit me like it always does. With snow and an extra taxi ride. Kids who have wet shoes all the time and need a second pair, trust them to have the same size all of a sudden and the store having only one pair left. The list goes on. The day has 6,5 more hours and I have 90 min on the clock still. I feel like giving up, but I will not. I'll give up tomorrow....there is always tomorrow...

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