Look what I found. Last year's resolution on getting organized:

Now this one was a hard one.

Get organized. What on earth does that mean for me? This is what it means for me

  • have things accessible so I can just get them when I need them
  • know where things are
  • have a reasonable reserve (having 3 spare shower curtains in the basement is NOT reasonable)
  • have a place for everything
  • use what I have (don't save for "later")
I think you get the idea. I think I do. Man. I have a long ways to go still.

I would like to just add one thing. THROW OUT ALL THE CRAP! Seriously. I have thrown away 1 full container of sunscreen (expired) and 1 of aloe vera lotion (surprise surprise also expired) I did not feel guilty, I just thought I should have tossed this last time I came across it.
Yes. It's a long road, but I am on it and that's all that matters! Oh. And btw, I think I stil lhave 3 shower curtains in the basement....

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