Last  night I dreamt that I met up with a child hood friend. I haven't seen him in years. He brought with him some kind of scrap book, with memories written down and the occasional picture. In between the pages where singles socks. sometimes up to 10 per page. Don't ask me how that worked with the extra bulk, but it worked out just fine in my dream. And wouldn't you know it. The single socks between the pages looked exactly like the single socks from my basket. I remember thinking:"No wonder I can't match these up ever if he had them all the time." The dram continued with him reminding me that we split up pairs of socks as a symbol of our friendship and our being connected. Looks like that didn't work out to well.

The real question now is. Where on earth are all those companions for my single socks and does it make sense to continue like this?

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