I think I posted about my issue with single socks before. I know socks are only useful in pairs. Unfortunately as long as I can't be 100% sure the sock is really truly single I can't throw it out. With all the unearthing of random items in the attic I came across a lot of single socks. I made the mistake of throwing all single socks into one laundry basket. I got rather frustrated trying to to sort them. So far I have sorted them into 5 categories. Dark, red-pink, white, grey, light blue. The dark section was about 2 thirds of the basket. Today I decided to sort them into sub categories. As I was doing that I thought:"Nobody should be wasting that much time on sorting socks." As you can tell, I do have lucid moments. Unfortunately just a few minutes later I had 6 pairs of socks that I matched up just by splitting it up into subcategories. Not even looking. My lucid moment ended rather fast. 

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