HAPPY 2018!

Better late, then never, right? I had this PERFECT idea for a picture for this blog post with  my old and new calendar blablabla. Do you see a picture? Me neither. Why not. Well, because the picture still hasn't been taken. Story of my life. Big mouth - zero delivery. So I wondered what is more important. The perfect picture to go with the post? Or actually posting?

Well. I guess for me, posting, even without the perfect picture for the entry is more important. MY start with my new years improvements is a little slow for the same reason. I want to get it perfect from the start. It's too bad that improvements usually are a work in progress. I am still practicing my "good enough vs perfect" mindset.

So. What is new this year? The BRAIN DUMP book is new. I am keeping the 1 year calendar book approach as that has really worked well for me last year. The brain dump is a spiral note book with a fancy cover. In it I write down ideas for future projects. Each project gets a new page so there is room to plan. I am also working on establishing routines which I write down in the brain dump book. This way I don't have to keep track of it all in my mind but write it down, release it and come back to it when I have time or additional ideas.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR! To exciting new beginnings and finding joy in the process! 

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