Have I mentioned that we want to turn our attic into living space? Can you image just how huge of a project this feels like? We have taken initial steps. We are far from actually getting started on the whole thing. One thing is certain. The attic will have to be cleared. As my whole hoard is tucked away up there this is a major challenge. We are aware that somethings will be kept. But where to put them? Well. The basement of course. AS there is no room in the basement as ridiculous as it sounds to clear the attic we have to clear out the basement first.

Kudos to James for tackling the storage room down there. He was so swift I never got around to taking BEFORE pictures. HE put everything that he thought I needed to sort in the guest bedroom and everythign that can be tossed on the basement stairs. Most of it were just boxes of all sizes from appliances, diapers or shipment. So here we have all these boxes.

James:"I put them there so we can decide if any of them are of a useful size."
Me:"Na, we'll just throw them all out."
James:"Some of these little ones are really nice. I thought we could use them as gift boxes."
Me:"You are right. These are very nice."

YES! THEY WERE! Where would I put them? They could go with the wrapping paper!

Me:"When this house is cleared out and completely organized, we can consider keeping boxes like these. At the moment, they have to go!"

*takes box apart and throws it in the trash*

Who's the hoarder now?

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