What were my last words in my last post? Still taking bets on who will get sick? Well. To make the list shorter, Alex and Luke did not get sick. The rest had a 2-5 day encounter with a nasty stomach bug, and with Luke it is questionable whether he didn't get it or if he just had a very mild form.

The last 4 weeks saw me traveling, tending to a sick family, I started it all and was out for 5 days, everybody else was smart enough to wait for me to get better to clean up after them, I have also been swamped with work. Over the last month I received as many documents to be translated as over the first half year of 2016. And don't forget the new school year. Yes. I did survive the first day of school.

I am feeling rather good about it all at the moment. I feel unstoppable, even if the place is in complete chaos. I feel like I simply need to get started to succeed.

I started to throw out clothes. Soon the change of seasons will make it necessary to switch to warmer clothes and Ihave every intention of minimizing everyone's wardrobe!

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