BOX #3

I am crazy. But you knew that. This is what it looks like when I get too excited about a project. As James is off playing basketball Monday nights and I wanted to sort clothes I decided he should bring more than one box. Bring down all the boxes with clothes in them I said. Oh well. I was about to send him back with the box of sheets but then remembered that someone asked for bedding. So it all came down. As long as there was fabric in it, it was allowed to come down. The boys had to help bring them downstairs. I had a sinking feeling that grew worse with every box that came down from the attic. Don't bother counting them, I already counted them for you. 22. Yes. Twenty-two boxes. As you can tell, not all of them are completely full. But hey. Spell crazy. K-A-T-J-A. Good job! Wish me luck. 

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