I am still working on the boxes from the girls' room. Why is it taking me so long? Well, because I started with the baskets, 3 of the 4 were emptied and returned to the laundry process. I have dealt with boxes, not sure how many, but once they were empty I made the girls refill them with the rest of the stuff that was lying around. So even though I still have 8 boxes full of "miscellaneous" at least the floor is clean now.

To give you an idea what I am dealing with here is a list (not complete) of things I dealt with from today's box:

  • dirty laundry
  • puzzle pieces
  • clean laundry
  • old school stuff
  • art work
  • hair brushes
  • bags 
  • toys
  • more toys
  • pencils
  • even more toys
  • books
  • toys that belong into the Luke's room
  • a water bottle
  • stuffed animals
I am afraid I also cheated. We sorted through 2 boxes and I just dumped the remains of the second into the first after I had enough. I also started looking through the last basket and never got finished. But hey, who cares. I am persistent and I am starting to see progress. That it is all that counts at the moment.

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