24 more hours. Admist all of yesterday's chaos and the excitment of finally finding clothes for Luke and having him at school looking sharp as they got their pictures taking today, and impromtu play date in teh morning with another mom, nasty heat and requests to put up the kiddie pool I forgot about Ella'S piano lesson. Mind you. This is the first time I messed up in all of 11 days and instead of being proud of myself of having done so well I beat myself up over not being perfect. First Ithought it was because I forgot to put it down. But guess what. I was on today's list of things to do. All the way up top even, I guess I got careless casue things went so smoothly.

Oh well. I think I am over it. I did by that binder I passed up last week. Maybe that fixed it. I did well. I did really well. I made her practise for 30 min to make up for the missed lesson. I will go to bed now. 24 hours. I can do it.

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