I never considered myself a shopper. Here is why. I hate shopping. I hate comparing prices. I hate having to decide on a brand. Should I go for cheap, or pay a little more and hope it is better quality? Shopping means decisions, and I am not good at those. Every now and then I have to go shopping. Usually James goes, as he actually enjoys it, even grocery shopping.

Today I went. Mostly because I wanted to get rid of all the cans and bottles with a deposit on them, they were blocking my hall. I had 2 things on my list. Bathroom cleaner and hand soap. Well. I got the bathroom cleaner. I also got a little beach tent, 3 water bottles, I did pass up the sunglasses and the cute folders. I really want the one with the fruit on it. What could I need a new folder for? I could diss the plain blue one I have for my translations. Great idea. Someone always needs plain blue one for school. What else did I get. I don't even think I got all that much, but just the fact that I had 2 items on my list, only got one of them and still ended up with a full trunk, speaks volumes about my shopping style.  I got some food ( good thing I skipped the chocolate aisle). I got diapers. Well. I guess except for the tent and the bottles all those items will be used, but fact is, they were not on the list and I could have done without them a few more days. 

I ended up being 3 min late to pick up the girls from dance class. And I think this is the real problem. Risking being late so I wouldn't miss a deal? Ouch. Even if I wasn't activly risking it. I got sidetracked and ended up late. I am afraid I'll go back for the folders...

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