I was tempted to say that VHS tapes were "so last season" but I am afraid that's DvDs. And VHS is so much older. A year ago I had a few potential takers still, but when I casually dropped the word on social media about getting rid of them, no one volunteered to give them a new home. I got the message. Thank you. So it is good bye for good. Thanks for the great stories. 

I wanted to keep 1 tape (the one that has our wedding on it) and was a little worried about having to dig through the 2 boxes and whether or not that would shake my determination to get rid of them. I opened the first box and wouldn't you know it. The wedding tape was the first I touched. I took it as a sign.

The next obstacle was that I still nursed the hope that the dumpster divers might pick them up. So I wanted to set them out on the street tonight. I transferred them to card bord boxes and happend to come across Lord Vader. 

For the fun of it I entered the ISBN on the site I use to sell books and wouldn't you know it. They pay me 3.50 for it! I'll take it. Greedy me immediately assumed that there was a fortune to make and I started entering other numbers. Well. After 3 I gave up. Some of these tapes are old enough to not even have an ISBN number. I am proud of myself for stopping after three and some good came from it after all. Nicole's full name and address, yes Nicole, hand me down VHS tapes from YOU! were on the tape. So I scraped them off. 

Now here is the grand ending to the story. Luke abused the tapes as building blocks, he had permission. So after I had written the last paragraph I started to put the tapes back into their individual boxes and found yet another sticker with Nicole's name on it. As I started scraping it off, I thought:"This is totally ridiculous!". It really is. I just grabbed the rest of the tapes and boxes, threw them in a box to collect them and on Tuesday night they are going in the big trash can and that is it. No hoping  that some random soul will rescue them. Even if tow of them are still in their original cellophane wrapping. IT IS NOT WORTH MY TIME! Now THAT is progress!

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