I had a list of rooms to clear last night. Guess what. I didn't even make it through half of it. I had 3 h 45 min to work. I probably wasted at least 45 min on the phone and chatting doing nothing. I spent 30 min on laundry instead of 10 and those rooms where simply more work than I expected.

I finished the first room. The guest room. I thought I had 2 weeks to prep it, but it turned out it needs to be done by tomorrow 11 am. I meant to leave the vacuuming to the cleaning fairy, but ended up doing it myself. It only needs bedding now, than it is all the way done. Oh wait. At least for this guest, it will need some more prepping and clearing of shelf space for guest #2 who is staying a lot longer.

The second room I worked on was the bedroom of my girls. That room is such a night mare. I ended up only picking trash and broken stuff out, discarded it and put things in baskets and boxes attempting to pre sort it. I had every intention of a 6 am wake up call (that happened) and going through the stuff before school. That kind of didn't happen. I forgot that Ella has early start and I highly overestimated how fit I would feel myself. In the end Marie did a few things half heartedly, Ella was sent off to practice reading and I focused on not yelling at anyone. 

I dreamt about doing it in the afternoon, but of course that never happened. Somehow I doubt it will ever happen and that room will just return to it's terrible state and it will all have been in vain. 

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