Have you ever participated in the endless discussion of which is better? Star Wars or Star Trek? Well. It's official. The buyers have spoken. The verdict is in. Don't take this too hard dear Trekkies.

When it comes to VHS tapes, Star Wars sells. Star Treck does not. We win!

And how would I know? Because I had both in my boxes of VHS tapes. I did throw out 2 Trekkie tapes with the first batch and started panicking when I sold 1 on the third batch. I was about to dig them out of the trash. GROSS, I KNOW! But it was worth something! Don't you understand?
I then remembered that the paper covers where in the recycling bin, I got them out and punched in their ISBN numbers just to find out they were worth NOTHING! Probably just as well as I am afraid I might have dug them out of the trash. I know, TERRIBLE! Only 1 Trekkie tape sold. Every single Star Wars tape sold. Point made.

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