I had a bad day. 3.5 hours of sleep, nap rudely cut short in the morning by Mr Grumpy, hot and humid, I was sweating all day long and because I was so tired I didn't really get anything done. A few things could have gone really wrong in the early evening and I was as mad as if they had. I know. Stupid. It's just that it is the same problem over and over again and I am sick and tired of being apologized to. I want things to change. One more "I am sorry" about this and I will punch someone. 

On the way back home I saw what looked like a wallet on the street. I told Alex, that I wanted to turn around and get it and return it to the owner. He was wondering why. "It' to late," he said, " we passed it already." I told him I had a crappy day and it would improve my day to save somebody else's. So we turned around, went back. Sure enough. A wallet. 150 bucks in it. ID, credit cards, you name it. Fortunately we also found a name and address.

I ring the door bell. 
A guy answers. 
"Are you John Doe?"
"Yes, I am."
"I am here to brighten your day!"
A puzzled look.
I hold out his wallet.
He hadn't even missed it yet.

He insisted on rewarding me and gave me a 50. I refused to take it and said I would take no more than a 10. He said he had no tens and gave me a 20. Back with Alex I said:"When you counted you counted 100, 110, 120 and so on. There was a ten in that wallet, wasn't there?" "At least 6," was his reply.

Hahaha. The guy lied to me! What a day.

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