2 years ago you taught me how important it is to "make time for action".  I can't stress this enough. It seems to be one of the key elements of succeeding with decluttering. Over the last couple of weeks I got bags of clothing together that I wanted to pass on to different people "someday". Well guess what. "Someday" just like "tomorrow" never comes. In the end I had a pile of bags in the hall that were constantly in the way and I was too tired to pick them apart. Especially cause picking  them apart resulted in taking things out again.
I decided that I will just forget about getting them to their "proper destination" as one person moved, and the other is really picky about what she wants anyway. They will all go in the donation box at the end of the street.

Next problem was that I refuse to drive such a short distance, but that I can't really take them all at once.

Solution: Bring a bag every time I go for school pick up or drop off!

Thanks to you I know I need to make time for action!

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