The title should be enough of a warning.

I don't like myself today. I am sick of myself.

  • I am done being fat and messy. 
  • I am done being depressed and tired.
  • I am done reaching out without feeling heard or seen or understood. 
  • I am done doing the same redundant tasks day after day after day. 
  • I am done letting my husband carry all the burden and feeling sorry for myself.
  • I am done being too stupid to keep an eye on the clock to pick up my child on time. 
  • I am done prepping meals and cleaning up the stupid kitchen. 
  • I am done being the only one in this house who actually gets rid of things for a change. 
  • I am done running from myself.
  • I am done feeling stuck.
  • I am done crying.
Wait. no. I am not. I'll go cry some more. 

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