My neighbor spotted me pulling some weeds in my front yard and told me that she always did that right after it rained. Cause then the dirt is moist and soft and the weeds just kind of slip out with a little tug. How awesome. Sorry. Can't appreciate that kind of input at the moment. I have 3 times as many kids as she does, plus more of mine are younger hers, than she has total. 

I am sure there is a perfect time for weeding. Like an overcast morning right after it rained, to avoid the heat, the wet, the dust. But guess what. The perfect time to weed for me is when I actually have time AND the desire to do it. And let me tell you. When the weeds are higher than you are, it is definitely not the WRONG time. 

I wish I had taken before and after picks. You'd be SO impressed! I cut the roses back 4 feet in some places. They were so overgrown that they had to grow 3 feet just to get some sunlight. And even though they had to put that much energy into growing the bloomed like crazy. I hope the will be able to put even more of their energy into new blossoms.

I came across some discourage peonies that were so overgrown I didn't even see them at first. I pulled out weeds that were taller then me. I saved pumpkin from the strangle hold of some ivy-grape-look-a-like. I hope the tomatoes will appreciate the extra sunlight and that the pumpkin won't mind that I encouraged it to grow away from the tomatoes instead of over it.

I know the lemon balm will forgive me for pulling it out with the rest to make life easier for me and will just be back next year. Or sooner. I think I pulled out a cubic meter of weeds. 

I am awesome! 

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