The other day I read an article about clutter. Whoever did this little survey/study had the brilliant idea to compare the front of the fridge with the rest of the house. They came to the interesting conclusion that the more stuff you have on the front of the fridge the more clutter is congesting your house. I found it all very interesting until I came to the conclusion of the article and read their solution. 

Clear the front of your fridge! Seriously? What a bunch of morons! That is like recommending to photo shop your hips if you want to lose weight.

I understand the idea. But lets face it. Your fridge is a mere reflection of your "organizing style". I really want to have a clutter free house. So I started pulling stuff of my fridge. Very reluctantly I must admit. I stopped after 2 things. I took a step back and took a good look at my fridge. It was a light bulb moment. Only 20 watts or so, no more, but still. 

To be continued... 

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