I had a bad day. A very bad day. I started it crying, feeling low. I ended it talking to the police about a stolen bike. Alex lost his key. Obviously someone found it. Took the bike for a ride across town, dumped it. My husband found it. And now that we are putting all the pieces together it seems that the kids who took it chatted with him about having seen the bike abandoned on the path and they were kind enough to put it up by the fence. I found the lock, right where the bike used to be. Unfortunately the key hasn't surfaced. Seriously if you take my son's bike and manage to break things in the less than 2 hours you had it. Can't you at least return the key to my house? Our are you planning to stop and check if I have laptops, phones and other stuff lying around? Our prime suspect had the nerve to help look for the key and offered to bring it by in case he found it. I told him it would do just fine if he dropped it off at the police station. May they catch him next time.

The police just called me. As I found the lock open and I know it was locked around 4 pm they are treating it as a theft (including all the paperwork). They made me retrieve the lock that we threw away where we found it, and I have to come in to write up a report. I am just "thrilled". I think I will take the bike in, too. Just in case. I have watched enough CSI to know what to do. HAHAHA

If there is a special purgatory for bike thieves, I shall volunteer to shovel coal to keep it burning for 5 years. 1 year for every bike that has been stolen from us in this town. Oh wait. Make that 6 years. One for every bike that was stolen since we got married.

Editors note: Make that 7....

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